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Gardening Services

As a lifelong gardener, Retail Florist, volunteer Master Gardener, and Horticulture Technician Apprentice. I am happy to help you with your softscaping needs. Happily, I have a certificate of completion of in-class hours.

I believe in slow gardening. Do not harm the environment, keep debris on site (where possible), and allow for living green spaces.

I use battery or electric equipment on site to keep a low carbon footprint.
Encouraging clients to garden 70% native and 30% ornamental increases biodiversity. A small change everyone can do with a huge impact.
I propagate tropical plants at home for sale at the Wolfe Island Farmers Market 2024.

As a Volunteer Butterflyway Ranger, I am interested in propagating native plants. I am working on a seed orchard at home to share with the community. These will also be available at the Wolfe Island Farmers Market.

Are you a senior needing some help keeping your flower gardens weeded?

Call me to give you a hand.