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Spring 2020

Wow. A new life on Wolfe Island, the largest of the 1000 islands, and the beginning of the seaway and the end of lake ontario. A new start. Or maybe better, this life continued.  In 2017 I sold the studio, the property with my Garden. All my perrenials. I kept seeds...lots of seeds. In the hope I would have a new place to start over. 

Well its here! 2020 three moves later, 5 minimum wage jobs and max the gaurdian dog tagging along from country to city to island.  

The studio has not gone away, Its changing. Its evolving, a working document. Metal clay is still a big part of that but has taken a back seat to life happening.

In 2019 I was focusing on completing my certificate for Master Gardener. I also secured a Horticulture Technician Apprenticeship. Thanks Pat. He taught me alot in 2019. 

I was called to school January 2020. Currently, in classes and wow have things changed since I was in college 25 years ish ago. Submitting assignments online... googling as the instructors present, a whole library at my fingertips!

Spring 2020. Cant wait.






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